The 1992 Society

The 1992 Society

In 2017, The Good News Foundation celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. The Foundation began in 1992 as the brain child of Deacon John and Elizabeth Droz and Leroy and Hazel Scheidelman. Their idea was to have a foundation whose specific goal was to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the years here at the Good News, Jesus’s message has not been one of word only, but has evolved into actions that support the core values espoused in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches to love one another through action. Our work today reflects that message.

To continue the work of Jesus and the vision of the Drozes and Scheidelmans, we launched in our silver jubilee year an appeal. Many individuals answered that appeal by making a donation of $199.20 or multiple donations totaling that amount to honor the legacy of the founders as well as to continue the work we do today. Those individuals comprise our 1992 Society.

If you would like to become a member of The 1992 Society, please call us at 315-735-6210 for more information. We would gladly help you to become a member in good standing. Thank you for your support.

Your Gift of $19.92 a Month for 10 Months


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