Support Our Mission 2022 Annual Appeal

Your generosity no matter what the size of the gift, makes a difference.

As I look forward to retiring in November, I have the luxury of looking back on the last five years here at The Good News Center from the perspective of executive director. I have gained insight into how the organization has impacted the lives of so many people and in so many ways. I am proud that we have saved marriages, helped the hungry, shared the Gospel message, provided solace for the grieving and supported families in addiction.

But what truly amazes me is the support of our generous donors; people like you. Our donors come from all walks of life and from the farthest reaches of our county. Some of our donors live in remote areas, some in the cities of Utica or Rome, and some in our suburbs. Our donors are white collar workers and blue collar workers. Some are still working and some are retired.

But our donors all have something in common. They all believe in the work that we do here at The Good News Center. They have seen the change in families and individuals. They have experienced the peace of the Center when they have visited. They have felt the welcoming warmth of the people who work in this place.

In the season of autumn, we traditionally spend time pondering all of the things for which we are thankful. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is our family and friends. One of the things that I am truly thankful for is the opportunity that I have had to serve The Good News Center and ultimately the Greater Utica community because of the work of our organization. I am thankful that so many businesses, organizations, families and individuals support our work every year. We are truly blessed.

I truly thank you for your support in the past. I am asking you once again to help us make a difference with a gift. No gift is ever too small. You are invited to join our 1992 Society which commemorates the year of our founding by donating a gift of $199.20. As this is our 30th year, we are also inviting donors to support us with a $300 gift. We are appreciative of a gift, no matter the size.

Thank you for being a friend of The Good News Center. You are truly a blessing.

To be a member, complete form and include your full payment of $225 and mail to The Good News Foundation 10475 Cosby Manor Road, Utica, NY 13502.

If you would like to do a monthly pledge, please click on the subscribe button at the bottom of this page or call us at 315-735-6210. Your pledge must be paid in full before bricks can be ordered.


300 Club $30.00 Monthly

1992 Society $22.50 Monthly

building 22

The 1992 Society

In 2017, The Good News Foundation celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. The Foundation began in 1992 as the brain child of Deacon John and Elizabeth Droz and Leroy and Hazel Scheidelman. Their idea was to have a foundation whose specific goal was to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the years here at the Good News, Jesus’s message has not been one of word only, but has evolved into actions that support the core values espoused in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches to love one another through action. Our work today reflects that message.

To continue the work of Jesus and the vision of the Drozes and Scheidelmans, we launched in our silver jubilee year an appeal. Many individuals answered that appeal by making a donation of $199.20 which enrolls you in the 1992 Society.

Your generosity no matter what the size of the gift, makes a difference.


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